What Bankruptcy Can And Cannot Do For You

If you are struggling to get your head about financial water and would like to have a clean slate, you may want to consider bankruptcy. However, it is very important that you don't fall under the misconception that filing for bankruptcy will be able to effectively erase all past debt obligations that you have and all financial mistakes that you have made. If you are interested in personal bankruptcy, keep reading to learn more about the limitations of this financial tool.

Issues That May Arise When Dividing A Car During A Divorce

If you wish to keep your car after divorce, you should know how courts generally divide cars during a divorce. The following are some of the things likely to come up during the divorce. Classification The first thing will be for the court to classify the car as either marital or separate property. You get to keep your separate property while you divide the marital property. For example, if you inherited the car from your grandfather, then it is your separate property, and the court won't divide it.

Call An Attorney Immediately After Someone Calls 911 To Report You For Domestic Violence

It can be easy for an argument with a family member to escalate quickly, and this may prompt the other person to call the police to report you for domestic violence. Your first instinct might be to convince the other person otherwise or plead for forgiveness, but with the police on their way, there's a better way to use your time. Instead, you should find a criminal defense attorney who frequently handles domestic violence cases and call him or her to explain the situation.

Two Things To Beware Of When Accepting A Lump-Sum Alimony Payment

Getting your alimony payments all at once in one lump sum rather than spread out over several years has many benefits, such as avoiding non-payment issues and being able to get married whenever you want without fear of losing the money. This option is not without its drawbacks, however. Here are two issues you'll run into when opting to get a lump-sum alimony payment you need to be prepared for.

Don't Let Divorce Devastate You Financially

Adding up the costs of divorce, you cannot help but realize that the greatest share of that cost is what happens to the family structure. Divorce can also bring financial changes to both spouses that inevitably will trickle down to affect the children. Keeping in mind that advance knowledge can help you be better prepared for these changes, read below for an overview of the main categories that most all divorcing couples will need to deal with sooner or later.