Why You Should Avoid Social Media Until After The Divorce

It seems like just about everyone has a social media account of some type. It is a place to talk about good things and bad. However, during a divorce, anything you post on social media can and will be used against you. For a number of reasons, staying off of social media might be the best thing to do until the divorce is finalized.


A wife can claim that she needs spousal support. She may say she is destitute and has no money for food or to pay her bills. Her husband's lawyer peruses her social media account and sees that she has been on a shopping spree buying new clothes and expensive jewelry. This can be used to prove that the wife not only is not poor, but also has her own income to support herself.


When children are involved in a divorce, judges take into account who is going to provide the best home for them. They will want to see stability and good choices from the parents. If the mom or dad is posting on social media about all the parties they go to, how high they were a few days ago, or how they are moving for the third time in a month, the judge is more likely to give the children to the other parent.


It is natural to want to vent about the bad things going on in a person's life, including going through a divorce. In a divorce, those angry words can be labeled as slander. This is especially true if the posts are specific and are posted repeatedly. Posting negative things in anger can lead to the other person suing for slander. Depending on what precisely is said, a judge may even award a restraining order.


Affairs can lead to the end of a marriage and feelings of hurt. When the other partner posts pictures or status updates about their affairs, these can easily be used in the divorce proceedings. A lawyer will be able to use these posts to show why a marriage cannot be reconciled. It can also be used as proof to void a prenuptial agreement.

For many people, a divorce is a dark and ugly part of their life. They will be angry, hurt and confused. Looking for revenge or just needing to let off steam, people will want to tell others about what is going on in their life. During a divorce, it is best to stay off of any social media until after all the divorce papers have been signed and finalized.

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