Wrongful Arrest For Spousal Abuse: How A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

 If you assaulted your spouse in self-defense, you may want to hire a criminal defense attorney to help you prove your case. In this article, learn how a criminal defense attorney can help you come with solid evidence that can prove you are actually the victim in the case against your spouse.

How Can an Attorney Help After Getting Wrongfully Arrested for Spousal Abuse?

When you have the initial consultation with your attorney, you must explain in detail what happened on the day your spouse had you arrested. Don't leave anything out because it will only make your defense weaker, as your attorney won't be properly prepared for what the prosecuting attorney argues in court. An attorney will be able to prove that you are a victim by investigating the criminal background of your spouse and finding possible witnesses. A good witness may be a friend of you and your spouse who has witnessed his or her abuse towards you.

An attorney will also build your case by obtaining evidence of any injuries you received on the day of your arrest. For instance, he or she may ask if you took any photographs of the injuries. If you did not take any photographs, the attorney may be able to get a copy of your mug shots if there are signs of you being assaulted on them.

The great thing about hiring an attorney is that he or she will also be able to help you press criminal charges against your spouse. The attorney will make sure that you receive justice to the fullest extent allowable by law.

How Much Does the Services of a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

The amount of money for a criminal defense attorney to argue your case will depend on the complexity of the case. He or she will quote you a specific price during the initial consultation, which will be a flat or hourly rate. You will also have to pay a retainer fee that can range from $2,000 to $50,000 plus, depending on the severity of the defense you are charged with.

You have the right to have your side of the story heard in court. You will come out with a better outcome if you have an attorney by your side. Make an appointment with a criminal defense attorney to get justice against your spouse! To learn more about hiring a criminal defense attorney, visit Andrew H. P. Norton