Helping Teenagers Through A Family Divorce

If you and your spouse are headed for divorce, this can be even harder if there are teenagers in the mix. Letting teens know that you and your spouse are divorcing and coming up a game plan together needs to be handled calmly and with sensitivity. Here are four things that you can do to help your teenager get through the divorce process.

1. Set Up Counseling

While you want to be available to talk with your teen about your divorce, they might feel more comfortable talking with someone else. If you can set up therapy or counseling sessions for your teen, they will have a safe place to voice their concerns and get out emotions. Family therapy can also help your family unit with communication skills for the future.

2. Let Your Teen Have a Say

Teenagers are straddling childhood and adulthood, but it is important to respect their needs and wishes. If they truly want to live with one parent over another for location, you can at least hear them out. This can be done in a private setting, or with a family law attorney present to offer up advice and ideas they have seen in the past.

3. Have Patience

Ultimately you will make decisions for your family that you think are best, but don't be too hard on your teen if they act out during such an emotional time. They need to cope and get through the divorce process as well. If your teen's grades drop or they get into trouble, try to be patient and see if this behavior passes after a few months.

4. United Front With Your Ex

Not all divorces are amicable, but if there is anything that you can do to be united with your ex-spouse when it comes to talking with kids this will help make the process less rocky. Even if you and your spouse are doing most of your talking through your divorce attorneys, try to stay amicable around your teen. Your child might misplace their anger onto one parent, and they should have no reason to blame one parent over another.

Don't forget that everyone in the family is going through divorce, and you need to be sensitive to your children's needs and concerns. Your divorce attorney may have advice as well when it comes to preparing teenagers for getting through a divorce and plans for the future. It is important that you are there for your teen to be a supportive influence when they need it.

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