Why You Need To Tell Your Divorce Lawyer Everything

Many people going through divorce wonder whether they need to tell their lawyers everything. You may be wondering the same thing if you are going through a divorce and have some skeletons in your closet. Well, the answer is that you should tell your lawyer everything, and here are the reasons for this piece of advice:

It Will Eventually Be Discovered

Very few things stay hidden during a divorce, especially a litigated divorce that goes through the discovery process. Your partner may even hire a private investigator to scour your life and unearth any dirt on you. Therefore, it is likely that the mistake or criminal act you are trying to hide will eventually be discovered.

The Discovery Is Best Made By Your Lawyer

As explained above, it's really difficult to hide parts of your life or your history during a divorce. There is a good chance that the judge, your partner. or your partner's lawyer will eventually discover what it is you are trying to hide.

However, it is best for your lawyer to discover any dirt on you first before anyone else does. That way your lawyer has ample time to mitigate the damage the dirt may cause to your case. For example, if you have been having a romantic affair outside the marriage, imagine how damaging the news can be to your divorce process if your lawyer gets blindsided by the news during the trial.

There Is Attorney-Client Privilege

If you are afraid that the information may leak from your lawyer to other people and embarrass you or cause legal problems for you, then you should know about attorney-client privilege. This is a legal privilege that protects communications between an attorney and their client.

No one, including another attorney, can compel your attorney to reveal your privileged information. There are only a few exceptions to this rule, notably that your attorney may reveal your confidential information if it contains intent of future crime.

Your Lawyer Has Probably Heard Worse Things

If it is embarrassment you are worried about, then consider how many embarrassing things your lawyer has heard since they were admitted to the bar. Assuming you are dealing with an experienced divorce lawyer, they have probably heard so many embarrassing things that they are immune to such things. In fact, most lawyers are so professional that you won't be able to detect any emotional reactions from them as you discuss your issues.

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