Call An Attorney Immediately After Someone Calls 911 To Report You For Domestic Violence

It can be easy for an argument with a family member to escalate quickly, and this may prompt the other person to call the police to report you for domestic violence. Your first instinct might be to convince the other person otherwise or plead for forgiveness, but with the police on their way, there's a better way to use your time. Instead, you should find a criminal defense attorney who frequently handles domestic violence cases and call him or her to explain the situation. It may be only minutes before the police arrive, so this phone call needs to happen quickly. Here are some ways that this legal professional can help you over the phone.

Tell You How To Speak To The Police

When the police arrive at your home, they'll separate you and the other party and begin to collect statements. What you say now can have a critical role in how your case proceeds, so you should never underestimate the importance of how you speak to the police during this first encounter. Your domestic violence attorney will guide you through this interaction. Generally, he or she will advise not making any statements to the officers other than saying that you do not wish to answer questions without your attorney being present.

Prepare You To Be Arrested

It's common for the accused party in a domestic violence call to be arrested; very seldom do police leave a suspected domestic violence scene without making an arrest. You may strongly feel as though you're innocent, but you'll have the chance to argue that later on. When it becomes clear that you are going to be in handcuffs, you might panic and start to make statements that could compromise your case. Your domestic violence attorney will calmly talk to you about the likelihood of being arrested and tell you what to expect. Armed with this knowledge, you can ideally stay calmer and avoid inadvertently incriminating yourself.

Meet You At The Police Station

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, your domestic violence attorney may be able to promptly meet you at the police station soon after your arrival. If you're going to be questioned, you can invoke your write to legal counsel and wait until your attorney arrives. The attorney can also begin the steps to secure bail for your release, as well as make sure that you're aware of what bond conditions you'll need to live under to avoid violating this legal order.

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