What To Expect When You Are Required To Attend A Victim Impact Panel

One of the consequences you might face after a DUI charge, or some type of similar charge, is the requirement of attending a victim impact panel. This requirement is designed to help you understand more about the risks you create when driving drunk or impaired by drugs, and here are several things you should understand about attending a victim impact panel.

The people that will be there

A victim impact panel is typically made up of numerous individuals who have somehow been negatively affected by drunk driving or some type of driving impairment crime. These individuals may have family members that were severely injured by drivers like this, and some may be there to represent family members killed in auto accidents caused by impaired drivers. In addition to impacted individuals, there will typically also be an organization there that is leading the panel. This may be a representative from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), or it could be a different organization. Finally, there will be people at this event that are required to be there to view and hear the victims talk about their experiences.

What they will talk about

Each person on the panel may have an opportunity to speak about their experiences with drunk driving, and each will have their own personal story to tell. You should expect to hear from mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and adult children, and they will each tell their stories about the incident that forever changed their lives. They will tell you details about the person they lost or that was injured severely, and they will tell you the effects they experienced from losing a person they loved dearly.

Why courts use this as a punishment

When you are convicted of a crime like a DUI, courts often require attending a victim impact panel as a way of deterring you from committing this same crime again in the future. When you hear stories from people who were affected by drunk driving accidents, it may cause you to think twice before you drive after drinking or using drugs. Hearing the victims talk might give you a new perspective on the entire subject, and it may help you realize the full impact of the choice of drinking and driving.

If you are facing a DUI charge, attending this type of meeting might be a consequence you face. You can learn more about other potential consequences by talking to a criminal defense attorney.