Things You Shouldn't Do When You Are Arrested Or Accused Of A Felony Offense

Although any criminal charge is stressful, being arrested or accused of a felony charge can be terrifying. Such a charge disrupts an individual's life significantly and ruins their reputation, and that's why it is important to have proper defense. Felony lawyers have been helping people who are accused of murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, possession of narcotics, kidnapping, driving under the influence, and arson and can come to your aid too. Felony attorneys understand the severity of all felony offenses and can prepare a solid defense to protect your rights. If you don't have a strong defense, you may face harsh penalties or wrongful convictions.  

You need to avoid making mistakes if you are accused or arrested for a felony. Some of them are listed below.

Trying to Make Admissions to Appease the Police

Arrests often mean that you are in trouble, and you might be tempted to talk to the police to soothe them. If the officers notice that you are willing to speak, they will encourage you to speak more, and you might make admissions as you discuss the incident. Often, they assure you that the problem will be solved easily when you come clean, but that's a mistake. Officers are allowed to deceive suspects when interrogating them, so how can you verify that what they say is true? It's better to stay quiet and only talk to your lawyer because anything you admit to the officers may be used as evidence.

Trying to Make Insulting or Boastful Remarks to the Officers

Whether you are wrongfully arrested or not, you shouldn't try to talk boastfully to the officers. The police are accustomed to hearing all kinds of insults and boastful comments, so what you say will not hinder them from arresting you. Besides, they can decide to add charges on top of the felony offense, which will make things more complex for your felony lawyer.

Trying to Step Outside or Letting the Police Into Your House or Office

Once the police know you committed a felony, they'll come to your home or office to arrest you. Do not be too quick to let them into your house or office or step out of the building. This will make their work easier and complicate the case further. It's better to talk from inside or ask for a warrant if they want to enter the building. Meanwhile, you can contact your lawyer to make arrangements to turn yourself in if that's necessary. This will ensure you don't spend time in jail during the hearings.

Accusations and arrests are inevitable when authorities know that you committed a felony offense, but you shouldn't make these mistakes. Instead, you should exercise your rights and talk to a lawyer. Contact felony lawyers in your area to learn more.