Details To Share With Your Attorney When Filing For Divorce

Revealing intimate details of your marriage to your divorce attorney isn't always easy. However, your divorce attorney is the best chance to get a favorable outcome in your case.

Remember that your attorney builds a case based on the information they receive from you. Therefore, the success of the case may depend on how well you and your attorney prepare.

Here are some details you need to share with your lawyer to help prepare for your divorce case.

A Written History of Your Marriage 

Provide the details of your marriage in chronological order, including your and your spouse's personal information. You might also have to disclose details of when you met, when you got married, and the number and names of children you have together. List any critical event in the marriage that could be relevant for your case.

While outlining your marriage history, describe what caused the rift between you and your spouse, clearly stating the grounds for the divorce. It could be domestic violence, extramarital affairs, drug abuse, or religious indifference. If you and your partner took any measures to try and solve issues, like seeing a marriage therapist, be sure to share this information as well.

Some of these details may feel too personal. You could even be tempted to hide them from your divorce lawyer. However, remember that attorney-client privilege law binds your attorney, and everything you share remains confidential. Therefore, be as truthful as possible, and if you're unsure of the relevance of certain information, consult with your attorney for guidance.

Financial information

Financial details are crucial since they can impact child custody, alimony payments, or the splitting of assets. Your divorce attorney will need to know how much you and your spouse earn. If you have any personal income that your spouse didn't know about, make sure your attorney knows.

You might need to provide financial documents, including your bank statements, retirement accounts, pay stubs, tax returns, insurance plans, credit card bills, household bills, and mortgage payments. Disclose any debts you incurred as a couple since they will impact the negotiating process.

As your attorney will advise you, there will be a divorce discovery process where you'll need to produce various financial documents. During the procedure, your estranged partner's attorney may discover hidden income. If you had not disclosed the details to your lawyer, this might negatively impact your case.

Always check with your attorney to know what details they require and find out how certain vital information could affect your case in the long run.

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