Divorce Attorney: 4 Things You Shouldn'T Do When Filing For A Divorce

Divorce is usually a complicated affair, even when uncontested or taking place in the best of circumstances. Most spouses expect the process to be straightforward and smooth, but this doesn't always happen. It can get trickier, mainly when emotions flare up. Moreover, hard feelings, hatred, and tension could complicate the case. However, it's advisable to be detail-oriented and rational throughout the process to avoid hurting your divorce case. And since you want to win, here are things you shouldn't do when filing for a divorce.

Don't Handle It Alone 

Handling a divorce case yourself is a terrible mistake. You may want to handle the case without a divorce attorney to avoid legal fees, but this could only complicate your case. There are legal rules and procedures to follow during divorce proceedings, which could be tricky without legal help. A divorce attorney helps you answer a divorce petition, file a counter-petition, file a protective order, file motions, and communicate with the court. They also evaluate your situation and determine if you need a forensic accountant to help discover hidden assets. It's, therefore, a bad idea to handle your divorce case without the attorney's help.

Don't Misuse Social Media

Social media can complicate your divorce case if you are not careful. Where possible, stop using it until your case is determined. Your spouse's lawyer may raise concerns if they realize you have deleted some posts or content on your social media accounts. They may even seek to retrieve the deleted messages to check if they could help strengthen their client's case. So, use your social media responsibly or avoid it completely to ensure you aren't implicated.

Don't Dispose of or Hide Assets

Watch what you do when filing for divorce because it could significantly ruin your case. You may be tempted to dispose of or hide some assets to punish your spouse when divorcing, but this can be very disastrous. Hiding assets is an illegal practice. Actually, the court could sanction or fine you for hiding or disposing of family assets. It could also award them to your spouse after the discovery process.

Don't Act out of Anger

It's quite common to be emotional during divorce proceedings, but you should be careful. Acting out of anger could significantly hurt or ruin your case, mainly when kids are involved. Where possible, avoid unnecessary conflicts and stick to the facts, even though you feel disappointed. Don't respond to your spouse in anger because you could easily be denied child custody. 

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