Three Things To Know About Paying Child Support When In Jail

If you are paying child support, but have recently been arrested and put in jail, it doesn't mean that your obligation to pay child support ceases. Here are three things you need to know about this: File Correct Paperwork: If you do not have any income to pay child support when you have been arrested and put in jail, which more inmates don't, then you need to file paperwork to go to the court to adjust child support.

Skipping A Generation: Making Grandparent Custodial Arrangements Work

Sometimes, families have unusual situations for custody that are the best for the kids. When an adult child is going through a divorce, they may be left in a bad place financially and emotionally and unprepared for single parenthood. If one or both of the parents of your grandchildren are unstable, the grandparents having full or partial custody of the children can be a good idea. When you and your family are considering a situation where both sets of grandparents share custody of the children, there are some issues that will need to be worked out legally and family-wise.

Reasons To Use Collaborative Divorce When Dissolving Your Same-Sex Marriage

When you and your spouse have decided that it is time to dissolve your same-sex marriage, it can be a stressful and painful time for both of you. This stress can be made even worse when you think about going to a court and having a judge determine what is best for you, your children and your shared property. Fortunately, getting a collaborative divorce can offer you and your spouse to work out issues without a judge present.

How Can You Find The Right Guardian For Your Child If You Need To?

We can't always plan for the future. It sometimes happens that the unexpected occurs and suddenly you have no home, no income or you are divorced. What would happen to your child if neither parent is able to care for them? How do you find the right guardian for your child in this case? What is a Legal Guardian? Before you can properly decide who should be guardian to your child, you should understand what a legal guardian is.

Three Things You Should Do When You're Preparing For Divorce

Preparing for divorce isn't easy, but it doesn't have to become an overly stressful process either. Yes, getting divorced means that your life is changing, and it's bound to affect you in more ways than one. However, the divorce process, as well as adjusting to life after divorce, becomes a lot easier if you're prepared. So, before you make any drastic changes, you need to do these three things. Review Your Finances