Three Things You Should Do When You're Preparing For Divorce

Preparing for divorce isn't easy, but it doesn't have to become an overly stressful process either. Yes, getting divorced means that your life is changing, and it's bound to affect you in more ways than one. However, the divorce process, as well as adjusting to life after divorce, becomes a lot easier if you're prepared. So, before you make any drastic changes, you need to do these three things. Review Your Finances

Commingling: What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Divorce?

If in the middle of a divorce, and family court requests a list of every asset, financial account and property you own, you may wonder if the divorcing spouse can tap into your inheritance funds. In most cases, your inherited money is yours to keep and not share with your divorcing spouse. However, if you added portions of your divorcing spouse's income to the inheritance throughout your marriage, family court may say that you commingled your inheritance.

Helping Teenagers Through A Family Divorce

If you and your spouse are headed for divorce, this can be even harder if there are teenagers in the mix. Letting teens know that you and your spouse are divorcing and coming up a game plan together needs to be handled calmly and with sensitivity. Here are four things that you can do to help your teenager get through the divorce process. 1. Set Up Counseling While you want to be available to talk with your teen about your divorce, they might feel more comfortable talking with someone else.

3 Options For Keeping Health Insurance When Divorcing

During divorce negotiations with your spouse, there are a number of issues that need to be resolved before the final decree is signed by a judge. Health care is one of those. If you and your spouse do not already provide your own coverage, it is important you decide together what to do about future coverage. Here are some options from which you can choose.  Get Your Own Insurance One of the more commonly exercised options is for both partners to take on their own health care coverage.

3 Mistakes To Avoid Making During A Military Divorce

When you are an active member of the military and are facing a divorce, it can be difficult to know how to navigate the process. Here are some mistakes to avoid making when you're in the military and getting a divorce. Responding to a Divorce Petition Without Legal Assistance If your soon-to-be ex-spouse petitions for divorce, they may file in the state they are living in, even if you are on active duty somewhere else.