3 Key Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed For The Rocks

How do you know whether or not your marriage has just hit a rocky patch or whether it's really heading for divorce? Most marriages are bound to hit a few difficult stretches over the years -- but if that "difficult stretch" is really a precursor to the end, you need to be realistic and start emotionally and financially for the road ahead. Here are three of the top signs that a marriage isn't going to last:

Three Things To Know About Paying Child Support When In Jail

If you are paying child support, but have recently been arrested and put in jail, it doesn't mean that your obligation to pay child support ceases. Here are three things you need to know about this: File Correct Paperwork: If you do not have any income to pay child support when you have been arrested and put in jail, which more inmates don't, then you need to file paperwork to go to the court to adjust child support.